Why Your Head Hurts:
At one time or another we've all experienced throbbing or stabbing pains in our heads. Because the head controls the rest of the body, nothing else can get your attention quite so immediately or completely. If there were only one cause of a headache treatment would be simple. However, headaches come in many forms.

Headaches can be triggered by physical or emotional stress, toxic fumes, certain foods (MSG), alcohol, bright light, trauma, hormonal changes, too much or too little sleep, allergies, sinus issues, blood pressure changes, and many other reasons.

A recurring headache is a sign that something is wrong. Some pain relievers like aspirin or Advil may temporarily reduce the pain they are not a cure. They cover up the pain and do not cure the problem. So they act like a mask not a correction and cause problems with your stomach and kidneys if you take too many.

What treatment should I seek for a Headache?
There are many natural things that can be done to help reduce and even cure headaches.

1) Chiropractic: Often times there are bones in the neck that are misaligned and are causing increased pressure on the skull. If you have a lose of curve in your neck from maybe a car accident, work overload on the computer, and several other things. A chiropractor can diagnosis this and by the use of adjustments and physical therapy (to strengthen the muscles) they can restore the curve in your neck.

2) Massage therapists: Can help relieve the tension in the muscles in the neck and bring relief.

3) Acupuncturists: Can prescribe natural herbs to help and also relax the body.

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