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Great Chiropractor- Free Of Neck and Back Pain Symptoms! Thank You! 5 stars
By Kristin L.

Dr. Amato and Life Force Chiropractic are amazing! Her expertise, chiropractic techniques, and caring attitude has helped me to resolve my long standing health issues. After years of struggling with neck, back and migraine issues and going to so many chiropractors looking for treatment and relief- I finally found great healing and recovery thanks to Dr. Charleen Amato, I feel better than I have in years.

If you are looking for an effective and caring chiropractor try her gentle yet highly effective adjustment techniques. Even if you don't live close by it is worth the trip to get treatment here! The office also offers massage treatments so you can get both on one trip.


Dr. Amato works wonders! 5 stars
By Lori G.

2 months ago my husband practically carried me in to see Dr. Amato because I injured my back lifting my kids. I was skeptical because I had been to a chiropractor before and was unhappy. First of all, she fit me RIGHT in. She diagnosed the injury and did an adjustment and I was able to walk out of there on my own! It was amazing. I have continued to see her and now, instead of 2X a week, it's only 2X a month and I feel GREAT. And she is giving me exercises and the knowledge to prevent future injuries instead of fixing the pain for now, hoping I will come back to her forever. She has great office hours and can almost always fit you in. She even has Saturday hours once a month. And if you don't have insurance, her rates are reasonable.


Five stars 5 stars
By Kricket

A great chiropractor! I'm pain free & healthy: I am pain free thanks to Dr. Amato, I found Dr. Amato by reading an online review and am so thankful I did go for adjustments and treatments with her. I have suffered for years and tried so many other chiropractors for help with my neck, back, and migraines and never found lasting relief. I went for treatment with Dr. Amato because I could not stand my pain any longer and had to try something.

She is a great Dr. and her office is comfortable and friendly. The good news is: I have been pain and symptom free since going to her, I'm feeling better than I have in years! Her adjustment really work wonders!... and her advice and tips for care at home have helped me to stay healthy.


Great Doctor 5 stars
By Marianne

I have multiple sclerosis (MS). Dr. Amato is incredible. I can move my head from side to side. I walk without a brace. My attitude is great. I can go out to eat without my wheel chair. I am going to try going shopping with a carriage. I also walk downstairs by myself. You will not be dissapointed if you go with Dr. Amato.


Best Treatment Ever 5 stars
By Mark Price

I suffered for weeks with a chronic shoulder / back pain until Dr. Charleen quickly diagnosed and successfully treated me. This was the best chiropractic treatment I have ever received... I can only hope she travels back to Ambergris Caye soon.


Dr. Amato is the best solution for herniated or ruptured discs!!! 5 stars
By Russell M.

A few years ago I herniated and completely ruptered a disc in my lower back (L5/S1). Dr. Amato provided excellent care, and I am extremely thankful (and lucky!) that I already been going to Dr. Amato for basic chiropractic care. The Doctors at the hospital and at MGH both suggested cortizone shots and then potentially surgergy. I did not want an invasive solution which would have negative, long term effects. I also went to physical therapy, which was not customized for my particular injury (and severity), and experienced only negative (painful) results. Dr. Amato customized her treatment for me, including mostly physical thereapy, e-stem, ultra-sound, ice, and chiropratic adjustments.

Today I can ski, run, etc. with no pain. I never received any harmful cortizone shots or surgery, just the expert care, intelligence, and customized treatment from Dr. Charleen Amato. Thank you very, very much!


She is the BEST!!! 5 stars
By Claire P.

I've been coming to Dr. Amato for 10 years ever since she opened her office in Burlington. My quality of life has been unbelievably improved under her care. Before I started Chiropractic care with her, doctors placed me on pain meds and muscle relaxants and I sometimes would be on bed rest for as long as 2 weeks until my back pain went away. Now, after her chiropractic treatment and exercises, I use an ice pack for 20 minutes lying down and I'm good to go! I've told Dr. Amato many times that I thank God for her gift of healing.

Because of my husband Paul's doubts about Chiropractic care, it took me along time to convince him to see her. Since he has been under her care, she has done wonders for him as well. He has no more back problems, and she has relieved his knee pain and relieved plantar fascitis with orthotics and exercise. On one occassion, she also, with a gentle touch put his dislocated elbow back into position.

She is the BEST!

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