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About Us

Dr. Charleen Amato D.C.
Dr. Amato grew up in Billerica, MA and received her Bachelor's of Science in Biology from U-Mass Lowell. She went on to earn her Doctorate of Chiropractic at Life West Chiropractic College in San Lorenzo, California, where she also became an APEX certified Personal Trainer.

She treats all ages of patients from infants to geriatrics. Techniques used manual manipulation, divisified, gonstead, Thompson drop, activator, extremities, and sports chiropractic. Physical therapy is also performed if necessary. She specializes in pain management/reduction, improved posture, and increased flexibility. She helps incorporate diet, exercise, rest, decreased stress, and chiropractic all together.

Words from Dr. Amato:

"I became a chiropractor because I was suffering migraine headaches after a car accident. After 11 months of medication I was tired of suffering. I visited my neurologist and was offered more medication to mask the pain. I researched all types of treatment for migraines. There were many articles about chiropractic and massage. I decided to try chiropractic but wanted more information. I found a chiropractor speaking at the University of Lowell and I went to hear his speech. At the time I was a Biology major with a focus in Pre-Med. I also was working as an EKG Tech in the hospital. My opinion on Chiropractic was varied. After the doctor's presentation I went to his office and began treatment. Within a month I no longer had painful migraines.

I decided to become a chiropractor because I liked the philosophy of correction vs. masking. I also liked the fact that it was non-invasive. My favorite saying now is "headaches don't exist due to an aspirin shortage," they exist because there is a problem. I enjoy going to work everyday and helping my patients."

Stefanie Harrison, L.M.T.
Stefanie Harrison is a licensed massage Therapist. She was trained at Palmer Institute of Massage and Bodywork in Salem, Mass. She is trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy, and Chair massage. She also practices Reiki. She has been working as a massage Therapist for 5 years and has been with Life4orce for 3 years.

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