Foot Orthotics

"Even if your feet don't hurt, they may be a major factor contributing to your health problems. Spinal-pelvic misalignment is the culprit. Pain in various parts of your body may be traced directly to your feet! You may not be as fortunate as you think. A foot problem may be the cause of discomfort or pain in your leg/hip, back, arm/shoulder or even your neck!"

At Life4orce Chiropractic, we sell custom-made, flexible orthotics by Aline. Please visit their website for more detailed information or ask us about it during your next visit.

ALINE's patented technologies were developed over the past twenty years with the help of thousands of people, from world class athletes to weekend sports enthusiasts. The ALINE BFAST insole was brought to life through an intense, yearlong R&D effort that demanded every bit of our team's skill, experience, and patience! We are proud to say we've created a technology that can help millions reach their potential in sports and in life.

ALINE RED provides an added advantage in every sport over our competitors.Thanks to a narrow and low profile, the RED fits great in lower volume shoes and boots (including cycling shoes, cleat footwear, and low volume winter boots). The result is the most versatile high performance insole in the industry with tour patented alignment and biomechanical benefits.

Produced with high impact materials for unmatched durability even in high-flex activities like running and walking. ALINE RED allows for improved comfort in every weather condition.

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