Degenerative Joint Disease

Also known as Osteoarthritis, DJD is a non-inflammatory degeneration of joint cartilage with secondary effects on adjacent bones. There are 3 types of DJD:

1) Primary
2) Secondary
3) Erosive

The most common signs and symptoms are localized joint pain with stiffness in the morning, with exercise, joints cracking, joint deformity, and joint swelling.

Chiropractic helps stop the progression of DJD by increasing mobility in the joints and decreasing loss of joint space. A chiropractor can take x-rays to diagnose the DJD and give exercises along with adjustments to help improve pain and return flexibility to the body.

Acupuncture and Massage can also help by increasing circulation in the surrounding tissues to promote blood flow and healing.

Supplements can also be used to help function of the joint, coating of the joint, and overall pain. Dr. Amato can advise what is best to take for a supplement and how often.

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